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Hologram Kizzie :: Free Hugs

hip-hop, love, psalm one

Jason Eckerson :: Some Hearts

prom, slow, surf, garage

JWF :: As Is

bass, love story, songwriter

Brad Swiniarski :: An Incomplete History

folk, lo-fi, sadgood

Phantom Works / Cool Devices :: Fit in the Shank

angular, rock, collab

Love Story In Blood Red :: Hot Cha

National Collaborational

Rachel Ries :: without a bird

raking leaves in autumn songs

Jay Bennett :: Kicking at the Perfumed Air


Jonny Rumble :: JR

Sweaty Rock n' Roll Fantasy Voyage

Stanley Ross :: MN-EP

Summertime Sugar High

Steve Eck and the Midnight Still :: Drag It Out, Burn It Down

The Sun :: Don’t Let Your Baby Have all the Fun


Brother Truck :: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

True Love Via AM Radio

Go Home Robot :: Candles and Bombs

Nutty Algebraic Polyphony

Cool Devices :: Cool Devices

Boarding Party Music

Notes and Scratches :: To the Other Side

Rock Candy

Where The Moon Came From :: Psychedelic Saturday

Ballistic Dreamscape

Andy Wagner :: Those Who Forgive

Highway Tornado Folk Rock

Jitney :: 86-300

Midnight Buzzing Taxi Songs

Jay Bennett :: Whatever Happened I Apologize

Songs Like Postcards

The Notes and Scratches :: Uh-Oh

Loud Fuzzy Folk Rock

Love Story In Blood Red :: LP1

Biting Acoustic Dive-Bar Music

Brother Truck :: The Knave

Sexy Surf Garage Songs

Kleinfelter :: Kleinfelter

Foreboding Math Rock

Steve Eck :: Syrup Song

Cemetery Love Triangle Songs

Andy Wagner :: Horse Year

Gunslinger Soundtrack

Lying In States :: The Bewildered Herd

Who Likes to Shoegaze?

Samuel Stiles :: A Love Tragedy

Crestfallen Anthems

Where the Moon Came From :: Twin of Pangaea

Polyphonic Psychedelic Classics

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