Love Story In Blood Red :: Hot Cha

The story of Hot Cha goes like this… In 2002, upon his departure to Columbus, Jason Frederick gave a few songs to recording engineer and guitarist Kris Poulin to produce. When Jason eventually returned to Chicago, the two formed a band known as “Love Story in Blood Red”. Despite having a working relationship and making many records, over many years, these songs remained unfinished. Recently Kris has decided to move to CA which would put this band on a permanent hiatus, however before his departure, he took it upon himself to fully flesh out all of these demo songs by virtually including all of the bands and musician friends that Love Story in Blood Red made over the last 9 years of rocking and rolling. This includes dozens of well know musicians stretching from San Diego to Dublin IRE digitally collaborating on this final send off record. All of this was done without the singer / songwriter (Jason Frederick) knowing… Just before christmas this year, Kris presented Jason with a glowing, fully produced EP. Rock Proper is happy to release “Hot Cha” on Tuesday (3/01/11) and celebrate it’s release at the Chicago Mixtape Launch Party on Saturday (3/05/11).

Track List (right-click to download):
What’s So Special (4.7MB MP3)
Tell Heaven Hell’s Coming With You (6.8MB MP3)
Write a Happy Ending (9.9MB MP3)
Beautiful Mothers (10.7MB MP3)

Love Story in Blood Red
Hot Cha EP

All songs written by Jason Frederick.
Produced by Kris Poulin.

Recorded in 2002 & 2003 at
Acme Recording in Chicago, IL

and in 2010 at
Chicago Shanks in Chicago, IL;
Abby Rod in Dublin, IRE;
The Blue Room in San Diego, CA;
The Green Room in Rio Rancho, NM;
The Nook in Brooklyn, NY;
SDRL in San Diego, CA;
Semaphore in Chicago, IL.

Mixed by Kris Poulin in 2010 at Chicago Shanks.

What’s So Special
Jason Frederick – acoustic guitar, vocal
Devin Davis – drums
Fran Kondorf – electric bass
Casey Meehan – electric piano, organ
Scott Mercado – electric piano
Kris Poulin – drum machine
Lawrence Peters – background vocal
Ariel Bolles - background vocal
Rachel Ries - background vocal

Tell Heaven Hell’s Coming With You
Jason Frederick – acoustic guitar, vocal
Devin Davis – drums
Fran Kondorf – electric bass
Nick Meiers – electric guitar, violin
Kris Poulin – electric guitar
Matt Seifert – electric guitar
Scott Mercado – piano

Write a Happy Ending
Jason Frederick – acoustic guitar, vocal
Jim Duffy – drums, organ, synthesizer, electric piano, background vocal
Nick Meiers – electric bass, background vocal
Casey Meehan – electric piano
Bud Melvin – pedal steel
Brad Lee – trumpet
Pall Jenkins - saw
Kris Poulin – background vocal
Matt Seifert - background vocal
Dudley Colley - background vocal
Joss Moorkens - background vocal
Mark Jordan - background vocal
Robin Hendrickson – background vocal

Beautiful Mothers
Jason Frederick – piano, vocal
Jim Duffy – drums, percussion
Fran Kondorf – acoustic upright bass
Kris Poulin – electric guitar
Nick Meiers – violin
Jeremy Lemos – electronics
Pall Jenkins - saw