The Notes and Scratches :: Uh-Oh

I was a quarter way though a dozen powdered donuts when the asphalt turned to gravel and I realized I was lost. I think I took a wrong turn at 23 and nothing had looked right since. I can honestly say that some of my better choices have been unplanned, so when I got Pete’s text “found burnt farmhouse. north lansing woods. gangs here. bring lq !) ” I knew exactly what to do.

I ditched work, bought beer (and donuts), and left. But now Pete’s phone is dead, I’m most likely trespassing, the beer is warm, and my slacks are a crime scene of powdered sugar fingerprints. The possibility of spending the afternoon with my pals and the chance of holding hands with Pete’s sister was looking slim. I circled back. I circled back again. Frustrated, I parked and got out to have a smoke. Moments later, I heard Pete’s voice: “Dude, you made it!” And I guess I had.

Track List (right-click for download):
the Hours (3.3MB MP3)
in the Shadow Cast (3.9MB MP3)
Seriously (4.8MB MP3)
via Satellite (3.8MB MP3)
the Clockmaker’s Daughter (6.5MB MP3)
in the Morning (3.7MB MP3)
Cass Song (4.5MB MP3)
in the City of Eggtimers (4.2MB MP3)
the Lines Reveal (4.7MB MP3)
the Strings Unravel (5.5MB MP3)
the River Girl (4MB MP3)
in the Evening (4.1MB MP3)
on Belle Isle (4.5MB MP3)

Anika Balaconis - Trumpet, Organ, Vocals, Tubular Bells, Clapping, Shaker
Joshua Dumas - Vocals, Guitar, Saw, Melodica, Piano, Clapping, Jinglebells, Harmonium, Synthesizer, Organ, Xylophone
Jason Eckerson - Bass, Double Bass, Clapping, Jinglebells, Vocals, Harmonium, Shaker, Mandolin, Tambourine
VJ Hyde - Drums, Tambourine, Piano, Xylophone, Clapping, Junk, Harmonium, Synthesizer, Vocals, National Steel, Djembe
Steve Quantock - Pedal Steel, Violin, Cello, Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals, National Steel, Banjo, Shaker, Tambourine, Junk

Additional Musicians
Matt DeWine - Yelp, Beer Can, Tambourine, Drum Sticks
Marika Mashburn - Vocals
Andy Wagner - Vocals
Jenny Walton-Wetzel - Vocals

Recoded by Matt DeWine at Pieholden Suite Sounds, Chicago IL
Mixed by Matt DeWine and The Notes and Scratches at Pieholden Suite Sounds, Chicago IL
Mastered by Matt DeWine and The Notes and Scratches at Pieholden Suite Sounds and Bryn Mawr, Chicago IL