Steve Eck :: Syrup Song

Two things I’ve learned while occupying that corner stool—you gotta know your audience and you gotta have a good first line. Sometimes at Molly’s I’ll order a whiskey and just sit quiet for a minute, listening to the other lonelys at the bar. When I think I’ve got a sense of how their hearts lie, I’ll start in. Maybe with “Jimmy was like a brother to me.” Or with “You fellas never tasted crawfish like Jimmy’s.” Or with “Those sons of bitches had no right, Jimmy would never hurt a soul”.

If I judged wrong, they might get up and play some syrup songs on the jukebox, or order another bottle of poison. But if I hook ‘em, I get to tell it all again. From Jimmy’s cooking and trumpet playing to how he took care of everyone on the avenue, myself included. Eventually I’d get to that terrible midnight he found himself defending a hooker from a couple drunk johns and ended up with a knife between the slats of his ribs.

The first line always changes, but damn, the last is always the same. And it’s not that I don’t have other stories, just that this is the only one I care for telling.

Track List (right-click to download):
Buried Bones (4.3MB MP3)
Friends and Family (4.7MB MP3)
Push To Pull (4.4MB MP3)
Molly’s (1.9MB MP3)
Clockmaker’s Daughter (5.3MB MP3)
City That Works (2.7MB MP3)
Characters (2.6MB MP3)
Lullaby (4.9MB MP3)
Nightcrawlers (6.9MB MP3)

Adam Waller - Percussion and Banjo
Jennifer Schumacher - Pots and Pans
Matt Martin - Vocal

Clockmaker’s Daughter written by Joshua Dumas
Nightcrawlers written by Casey Meehan
All other songs written by Steve Eck

Recorded by Adam Waller at Brown Room Recording Services - New Orleans, LA. Night Crawlers recorded by Matt Martin at Silverfish Studio - Chicago, IL.