Hologram Kizzie :: Free Hugs

Psalm One just needed to get away, even though she has consistently been named one of the most forward thinking women in hip hop. Bound by the pressures of being a self-managed humanitarian and the First Lady of indie rap powerhouse Rhymesayers Entertainment, Hologram Kizzie is Psalm One’s uninhibited, silver-haired alter ego. Kizzie represents a place of freedom, and Free Hugs is her first offering. 

This music is entirely produced by Compound 7, the production duo of A Plus (Hieroglyphics/Souls of Mischief fame) and his brother Yoto One, a genre-bending producer with an eclectic sound and a musician’s ear for unique samples. Over seven rare tracks, Kizzie draws you in while waxing poetic about something we all need more of: loving attention.

Free Hugs is the aural exploration of a budding affair; finally rounding 3rd base, floating in a velvet-lined satellite. Imagine love in an elevator, racing toward the Upper Ionosphere. Kizzie’s intimate delivery and Compound 7’s driving, synth leaning production will keep listeners (and lovers) more than satisfied on this musical tryst.

01 Worlds Collide
02 Need Love Too
03 Voyeuristic
04 Paranoid Lover
05 The Plunge
06 Acetaminophen
07 Through a Phase

All songs produced by Compound 7 (A Plus and Yoto One)
All songs written and performed by Hologram Kizzie

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